Visitation/Exchange Program

An alternative for families who need a third party supervisor or an exchange center.  Families are eligible in a variety of ways:

  • Court ordered supervised visits
  • Court ordered 3rd party exchange
  • Families simply want an alternative as they have experienced difficulty with visits or exchanges
  • Families do not have to be abused to use these services


Process:  To use the center, parents can contact SAAF.  Each parent needs to schedule an initial interview where guidelines are explained and a tour of the facility is provided.  These interviews are at separate times to reduce stress on all parties.  SAAF staff will then meet with the children and get them familiar with the center and staff.  Only then will visits and exchanges be scheduled. There is a registration fee and visits are based on a sliding fee schedule.   If weekend or after office hours are needed, arrangements can be made. There are also educational essays and other materials available that you can find useful for this issue.