Shelter is provided for anyone (men, women, and their children) who is not safe in their home because of domestic and/or sexual abuse.  Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent with the only exception being a married person under 18.


FREE!  If guests have income or are receiving food stamps, they will be expected to buy any food needed, not already provided.


The shelter is only a temporary solution, with stays up to 30 days.  Any longer stays would have to be assessed by the staff at that time.  Guests are expected to be actively pursuing alternative housing, striving to meet goals they have set for themselves, and they are following the shelter policies.

What is provided:

All the necessary items are provided for personal hygiene, also food, baby items, and some clothing.  No money is given to any individual.  Transportation to relocate may be available.

Shelter Managers:

Shelter Managers live on the premisese to assure safety and well being at all times.